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Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Keep Your Eye on The Shell; the Queen; the Matchbox, but Especially Your Wallet

From the 2006 Issuer Information Statement: (pages 2-4)

"Prior to September 13, 2006, Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. (AEHI) was not in existence as an entity.  Its predecessor was Nussentials Holdings, Inc (NSHG), which acquired Nussentials Corporation on June 29, 2005.  Upon becoming Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. and acquiring all the stock of NHSG via a 67:1 stock split, the company merged with a SunBelt Energy Resources (SER), a private Nevada and Florida Energy Corporation.  SER has been in existence since August 29, 2005 as a development stage business with no operational activity." 
"The issuer was incorporated on July 31, 2001 as Corptran Support, Inc.  The issuer's name has subsequently changed to DRX, Inc. on December 15, 2004, Nussentials Holdings Inc. on June 28, 2005, and most recently Alternate Energy Holdings on September 13, 2006.
"As NHSG, the acquisition of Nussentials Corporation on June 19, 2005 resulted in common shares outstanding increasing from 10,147,000 to 28,572,000."
"On September 20, 2004 the board increased the number of authorized common shares to 75,000,000.  On December 15, 2004 the name of the issuer was changed from Corptran Support, Inc. to DRX, Inc.  On December 29, 2004, the board approved a 1000:1 forward split.  On June 28, 2005 the name of the issuer was changed from DRX, Inc. to Nussentials Holdings, Inc.  On June 29, 2005 the issuer acquired Nussentials Corporation in a stock exchange and increased the number of shares outstanding from 10,147,000 to 28,572,000.  On September 13, 2006 the name of the issuer changed from Nussentials Holdings, Inc. to Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc.; on the same date the issuer merged with SunBelt nergy Holdings, Inc. and a resultant 67:1 stock split."

Got all that?
Seems kind of like a lot of shuffling company names and stocks.......

What purpose could be served by so many mergers, reverse mergers, name changes, stock splits, forward splits and reverse splits?

Let's get Michael Shermer's take on a strangely similar shuffling here:

Hmmm. Maybe read that again. Where's your wallet?


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