An unauthorized collection of the records of Alternate Energy Holdings, inc., its principals and subsidiaries, and their antics, trials, and tribulations

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reader Reviews

What readers have had to say about AEHI Truth over the last year or so:

"Excellent and relentless evisceration"- R.S., Boise

"Very interesting, insightful, and entertaining blog"- Anon.

"Very nice!"- Anon.

"Simply amazing stuff on this blog!"- Anon.

"Come on, this is a bit harsh"- Joe Lucid

"I arrived here following links from the newspaper article and I can honestly say this is the most childishly presented crap I have ever read."- J.I., Idaho Department of Commerce, Idaho Office of Energy Resources, Wind Task Force Member.

"Very, Very nice!!"- Joe Lucid

"Nice research!"- Anon.

"Good blog - Someone suggested looking into AEHI, and after coming across your blog, I'll continue to do research before going any further!"- Anon.

"please please please...what are you so worried about. there is so much red tape and regulation that goes on any more that there could not possibly be any "wrong doings" in the nuclear market. anyway, aren't you concerned about the environment? if you did your research, you would find that nuclear energy is the cleanest form of energy on the "planet"...
---one person, of most, that support our environment unlike you (sir miss)"- Anon.
"...really funny/snarky/informative-especially the links and extra info"- "MHGreg"

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