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Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New on PACER Feb 1st: Order Granting Sealed SEC Motion

When the SEC filed its response memorandum on January 28th, it also filed a Sealed Motion, using sealed exhibits (see Doc. #42 below):
Apparently yesterday, that sealed motion was granted:

Still don't know what that sealed motion says, but will post it as soon as it's available.

Oh yeah- about all those "letters" listed in the record?  Those are from shareholders, living in the largest river in Egypt, who think a US District Court and the Federal Judge are some sort of County Planning and Zoning commission to whom they can whine about the mean old SEC and the Snake River Alliance.  Not really worth posting or addressing,  although this one from the Editor-in-Chief of the BSU Arbiter is a typical, albeit painful, example of the childlike understanding most naive 'supporters' have of this case:

Typical Shareholder-in-Denial-and-Clinging-to-Hope Letter



  1. One would think that Robert Beers Editor in Chief of the BSU Arbiter would have the ability to read at least a modicum of the massive amount of information which clearly states that AEHI has been a simple scam from the beginning.

    At the very least one would think that BSU would find an editor that could separate his personal life from his business life as editor of the Arbiter. No wonder it is such a poor excuse for a paper with people like that in charge.

  2. Let us hope that our "leadership" here in Payette County (said with tongue in cheek!) will now get a clue! Even better, let us pray that their sorry butts are all voted out of office (or even better yet, recalled for total incompetence)! I just hope that anybody following this story realizes that the bulk of the citizens of Payette were firmly opposed to this so-called "nuclear plant", but those of us who live here knew that their proposed site would NEVER make it through any formal NRC process!