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Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Who's The New Guy?

AEHI announced a new hire on October 5th:

Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. today announced the hiring of J. Peter Honeysett as Director of Nuclear Projects, a newly-created position focused on directing the Payette, Idaho nuclear project and others as they relate to nuclear energy.
A 29-year veteran of the nuclear industry, Honeysett spent his career with Florida Power and Light working in operations at the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant in Port St. Lucie, Florida. As a senior licensed operator he has been involved in all aspect of plant operations throughout his career including the responsibility of overseeing operations of both nuclear reactors at St. Lucie.

Where might one have heard about this fellow before?  Here is a letter he wrote in support of AEHI to Payette County during the rezone process:

Look at how closely the press release bio matches Mr Honeysett's own letter.  

Interesting that AEHI didn't announce a job search prior to hiring for this 'newly-created position.' It's also interesting that someone local was not hired. One wonders what happened to all the resumes collected during AEHI's little resume stunt to generate rezoning support a couple of years ago. 


  1. Holy smoke batman! They hired a former SENIOR OPERATOR. I can only guess what his salary is given there is no nuclear projects to manage.

    Seriously though, it does seem just a bit pre-mature to hire a senior nuclear power OPERATOR. Given there is nothing to operate. It doesn't say this guy has any nuclear development or project experience. Given Gillispie's skill at dreaming up resume's Mr. Honeysette must feel a bit slighted by such a mundane news release. You would think he could drum up a better resume?

    He must not have had time to receive his certificate for his degree from the internet's Glendale University, where the rest of the crew got theirs. But I understand it does take a couple of months to process those degrees. They will probably announce his newly printed degree soon.

    Probably hoping to offset the news release about handcuffs?

  2. Nice match Dude! Pretty obvious how Gillispie gets people to write letters of support, isn't it?

  3. So, which state has to pay his unemployment when he gets laid off?

  4. What do you mean unemployment. AEHI doesn't have any real employees. Even the CEO isn't a real employee according to his deposition under oath. They are all contract people. Just like AEHI, it isn't real either!

  5. So, what is your point? There must be one in there somewhere but it isn't obvious. Mr. Gillispie is a highly experienced, competent, nuclear professional who has more than enough ability to choose someone for this position. Are you simply opposed to nuclear technology in general, nuclear power technology in particular, or just entertaining youselves by being "against" something about which you have zero knowledge or understanding? I don't understand this attitude, which comes from a vast store of ignorance. Nuclear power may be the one single power source standing between the ignorant, unwashed masses of asses and oblivion ... a post-apocalyptic world of urban wastelands and a dust-bowl mid-American disaster worse than the dust-bowl of the 1930s. Yet, people like you who have zero understanding of the chemical pollution being rained on your ignorant heads by oil, coal, and yes, even natural gas fired power plants, go forth in your blissful ignorance prattling on in your vapid voices about how "bad" it would be to have nuclear power. Morons. You should check the sources of heavy metals, including mercury, in our environment. Do you know that natural gas is one of the largest contributors of mercuric oxide (the toxic form of mercury) to our atmosphere? How about spending a little time becoming educated on this subject before you shoot from the lip about something you know nothing about.

  6. The Anonymous 11:57 commenter is hereby named SpoonFed for convenient reference.

    SpoonFed: Many posts here allow the reader to draw their own conclusions. Guy writes a supportive letter. New Guy gets hired, amidst settlement negotiations with SEC, to do the same job Don Gillispie is supposed to have been doing all along. (airplane sounds) vroooom! rarrrrrrr! here comes the spoon, open wide! Thaaaaaaats a good little SpoonFed!
    Clearly you are not familiar with the other articles in this blog. Nowhere in it is so much as a single neutron of crticism of nuclear power. Every entry is about the farce that is this company and the officers who pretend to run it. Read carefully. Think for yourself. No more spoon for you.

  7. Hey, how about that 10 Q tomorrow?!!!


    Dog eat the homework again? It is begining to be a habit.