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Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Sunday, January 3, 2016

AEHI Former Senior Key Executive Vice President Jennifer Ransom: Sentencing January 7, 2016

Former Senior Key Executive Vice President Jennifer Ransom is currently scheduled to be sentenced on January 7, 2016 at 9:30 AM in Federal Courtroom 2 in the Boise Federal Building.

On April 10, 2015, Jennie signed a plea agreement in which she agreed to plead guilty to Count Five of the original Indictment.  Further, she agreed to a forfeiture of at least $580,780 as proceeds from the securities act violations to which she plead guilty.

Here are some interesting details from her plea agreement regarding the severity of the crime to which she plead guilty, and sentencing guideline numbers attached:

According to the USSC sentencing guidelines manual and the sentencing table,  her adjusted offense level of 27 combines with her criminal history of 0 prior offenses to indicate a sentencing range of 70-87 months, due apparently to the high dollar value of the loss.

Here is the flurry of filings from October until New Year's Eve regarding Jennie's sentencing:

While most of the documents are sealed, Ransom's own sentencing memorandum is not.
In her sentencing memorandum, Ransom's attorney Chuck Peterson argues for probation and incarceration for not more than a year and a day.

However, we cannot see what the government's arguments against them are, so we will have to wait until Thursday, January 7th to see what the actual result will be.  More to follow then!

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