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Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grace Glens Consulting

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We frequently hear reference to AEHI's CEO owning "Grace Glens Consulting", using this as a reference to his experience and qualifications to serve as CEO, and to give potential investors confidence in his abilities.
Quoting the 2008 Annual Report:


In the early stages of development AEHI's business will be significantly dependent on AEHI's experienced management team. AEHI's success will be particularly dependent upon CEO Donald Gillispie. Mr. Gillispie works for AEHI on a full-time basis. Mr. Gillispie relies on the active support of his leadership team on a part-time basis of up to 10 hours per week.

So, the company tells shareholders and the SEC that its success is "particularly dependent" on the CEO and his expertise.
Here is the CEO's bio in the annual report:


A past nuclear utility senior executive and current AEHI Chairman, has served as President and CEO of AEHI since inception. Mr. Gillispie has been the owner of Grace Glens Consulting since 2002, a technical management consulting company, which advises senior utility executives on managing commercial nuclear power companies, and other non-nuclear organizations. Mr. Gillispie helped start up a technical management consulting business, INPO, in Atlanta, GA and a nuclear operating company, NMC, in Hudson, WI which operated six nuclear power plants with 5,000 employees. Mr. Gillispie served as a director for Boston Edison. Mr. Gillispie has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University and has completed the Senior Executive Program at MIT. In addition, Mr. Gillispie has completed the Navy Nuclear program.

But, according to the Virginia corporate records, "Grace Glens Consulting" was registered in 2005, and had its LLC registration cancelled at the end of 2006 for failure to pay a $50.00 fee.
There doesn't seem to be much other information available about Grace Glens Consulting, no web page, no address, no advertising. Kind of odd for a "technical management consulting company which advises senior utility executives".
Also, note how the "Master's in Business Management" claim has been dropped- it is now "completed the Senior Executive Program"

Check out the google search for "Grace Glens Consulting"


  1. He's such a tool. It's unbelievable to me that people buy any of his BS. People that have bought it hook line and sinker are going to be disappointed when the rainmaker packs up his wagon and leaves having not made the sky part and the rain fall. AEHI continues to try and scam us but at least they have wasted a lot of the county's time and money.

  2. please please please...what are you so worried about. there is so much red tape and regulation that goes on any more that there could not possibly be any "wrong doings" in the nuclear market. anyway, aren't you concerned about the environment? if you did your research, you would find that nuclear energy is the cleanest form of energy on the "planet"...
    ---one person, of most, that support our environment unlike you (sir miss)