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Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010




Hello, Sirs;
My name being Mr. Don, Gillispie, as I am the Chief Executive of a large nuclear desalinization and lighting farm business plant here in the area of Lagos in the Country of Nigeria.  Of late the local government establishments have becoming increased hostility towards my company and my beautiful assistant and we fear these covert government operatives will soon be having designs on the substantial wealth of me and my companies.  It is in this regard that I have been placing special trust in you my trusted american friend to help in these matters of extrememely urgent importance.  My assistant and I are in possession of the sum of USD$ EIGHT MILLION Four Hundred Thirteen Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Six Dollars in US derivatives and in addition highly valuable stock certificates of the company totalling over ONE HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION shares of the principal company's unissued stock.
We are in urgent need of your highly trusted assistance to obtain the release of this funds and stocks and also to be the recipient of the items upon our release and return the same to your safekeeping in the US. We are unable to properly effectuate the processing of this highly confidential transaction with you our trusted friend as we have been detained by the corrupt Nigerian officials since we arrived in Lagos to begin our lucrative business activities involving uranium, sea water and lightning.
We propose that the proceeds of this beneficial transaction be divided between us an you, our most highly trusted friend, as follows:  The USD$ Eight Million to my assistant and I as operating capital to keep the Lucrative Business Enterprise afloat until such time as we can find new shareholders, and the sum of ONE Hundred Shares of the stock of the valuable company trading concern to be deposited to your benefit upon the successful effectuation of this beneficial transaction.  I am making this highly generous offer to you my trusted american friend as I can sense you will be able to keep it in the strictest confidence.
I urge you to contact us at your soonest convenience and remit your intentions to assist in the effecutation of this mutually beneficial transactions.
Best Regards,
Mr. Don G

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