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Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AEHI Cries to Mommy: Big Businessman Sends "Urgent" Whinypants Letter to Prop Up Tanking Stock Price

From AEHI's "Soothing restless penny-stock day-traders" stock-pumping Facebook page:

"A lot of people have been asking us to pursue legal action against those who have been attacking the company and its stockholders through online activities. Let it be known that AEHI has filed a complaint with the Idaho Attorney General's office explaining the situation and all the people involved by name. We look forward to any interaction with the state that involves the protection of our investors."

"The complaint was issued to the office of the Attorney General. Who it went to from there is unknown. We also cc'd the entire Congressional Delegation, Idaho Department of Finance, Governor Butch Otter, Idaho Speaker of the House, Majority Leader, State Representative and Senator for the district in which AEHI resides. We have nothing to hide and welcome these groups looking into our affairs."

Sure you do, Don.

Why didn't Don name The Dude and the AEHI Truth blog in the letter?  Don incorrectly assumes that this blog is maintained by one of the people named in his rambling and virtually fact-free letter.  Don also probably doesn't want the AG, or any of the other government officials he bothered with his whining, to read this blog and see the real track record of AEHI and it's CEO.

Also interesting: Don Gillispie seeks help from Congressman Walt Minnick, even after having given Minnick's opponent, Raul Labrador, $2625 in campaign contributions in 2010 and $2,300 to Minnick's 2008 opponent, Bill "Brainfade" Sali.

The letter reads more like AEHI's press releases and quasi-responses to negative press than an actual complaint detailing "possibly illegal" activities.  It looks like it was written more to placate the investors and day-traders than to actually achieve any results other than temporarily halting the drop in stock price. Toward the end of the letter, Don says he feels that "...through an investigation, much of this activity is likely to cease..."   
Mommy! Make them stop saying bad stuff about me! At least till I can sell a bunch more overpriced stock to unwitting dupes!
For your perusal, here are all three pages of the whinypants letter (.pdf on Google Docs here as well):