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Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Navigating the DonSpeak: Executive Compensation- Again

In his letter to the attorney general, Don complains of what he calls "unethical" and "deceptive" practices of people writing about his company.  Let's take a look at some of Don's own writings to get an idea of Don's rigorous standards of truth and ethics:

Don, writing on his blog about himself and the board, in 2008:
"...these fine men who, in their retirement, are working without compensation."

Compared to:

The company's annual report for the year ending Dec 31, 2008:
"During the year ended December 31, 2008, Mr. Gillispie received 7,500,000 shares of common stock valued at $0.10 per share as compensation for his services; and $120,000 of other compensation consisted of expense allotment for travel, auto, Idaho living expenses, entertainment."

The first quote was on AEHI's blog, easily visible to the public as Don whined about the Snake River Alliance and bragged about filing a lawsuit against them.

The truth, however, was buried on page 35 of an SEC form accessible only to those who went to the SEC webpage, found the company filings link, entered the name of the company correctly, found the proper filing among the 58, and then read it.

Deceptive? Unethical?
"Someone has to hold them accountable"- AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
You got it, Don.

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  1. It is good AEHI Truth is holding all accountable!