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Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Friday, November 19, 2010

DonSpeak Part IV: Of "Dry Reactor" Designs, Alien Spacecraft, Magical Fairies, Unicorns, and Other Figments of Don's Imagination

When pressed on the issue of water availability, Alternate Energy Holdings' CEO Don Gillispie likes to talk about how his proposed nuclear power plant will be a "dry reactor design", something that will supposedly magically use less water than the bathroom toilets in the plant.
Since Don doesn't expect his new local dupes county residents and commissioners to be up to date on all the latest newfangled technology and words in the complicated nucyular world, he helpfully supplied them with a "Glossary" as part of his Payette County application, where we can find a surprising completely expected revelation about the term "dry reactor design":
He made it up! All by himself?
That explains why a google search for "dry reactor design" comes up with exactly four five six hits:

But, wait!  Take a closer look at the last entry:   Royal Space Navy?

Hmmmm.  It looks like Don may have had some help coming up with the concept- from a science fiction writer.

Yup, turns out the "Dry Reactor Design" technology is part of an alien spacecraft that crashed in Scotland in 1892. Here's an excerpt, describing the advanced reactor technology:

"Two linked fusion reactors with a combined generating output of 3.6 terawatts form the core of the Drake’s power grid. The DSE class uses a lithium-hydride or “dry” reactor design. The basic fuel for the reactors is the crystalline powder form of lithium-hydride. The specific gravity of the fuel is 0.82 metric tons per cubic meter, making it extremely space efficient. It also avoids the problems of cryogenic storage associated with other reactors fuelled by heavy hydrogen isotopes such as deuterium and He3. The LiH reactor accepts the powder in a very fine form, allowing it to be shipped and pumped as it it were a liquid, and administered into the reactor as a blown dust. The powder must be stored in double lined containers to prevent contact with water, otherwise it would dissociate and react violently. Under normal conditions a single reactor can power all ship systems. A second reactor is installed to provide a backup in case of malfunction. Also, during combat operations power usage can increase by as much as 80%. In order to reduce the workload, the power load is shared between both reactors."

Oooookaaay.  That's about as realistic as Don's plan.

Here, then, is an actual photograph of AEHI's Dry Reactor Design, Construction, and Operation Team:
Dry Reactor Magical Fairy Astride a UniCorn
 Suuure, you say. There's no way that Magical Fairy and her Unicorn can possibly run something as complicated as a Dry Reactor Nuclear Power Plant. Well, think again.  Here is an actual working drawing, courtesy of UniCorn Nuclear Services, LLC (Note 2):
Magical Fairy and UniCorn Team Monitors and Operates the AEHI Advanced Dry Reactor (Courtesy UniCorn Nuclear Services, LLC)
Here you can see multiple Magical Fairies astride their Unicorns, carefully monitoring operations, removing excess heat, and just generally keeping the thing running smoothly.(Note 1)
Now it all makes perfect sense!

1. Magical Fairies are able to self-replicate as necessary, primarily due to anomalies in the chrono-synclastic infundibulum.
2. UniCorn Nuclear Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lucky Leprechaun Charms (LLC), and is operationally supervised by a team of Leprechauns. Your results may vary. See Don for details.


  1. Come on, this is a bit harsh. Dry cooling does exist (see


    "Hardly any US generating capacity uses dry cooling, and in the UK it has been ruled out as impractical and unreliable (in hot weather) for new nuclear plants. A 2009 US DOE study says they are three to four times more expensive than a recirculating wet cooling system. All US new plant licence applications have rejected dry cooling as infeasible for the site or unacceptable because of lost electrical generating efficiency and significantly higher capital and operating costs. There are also safety implications relating to removal of decay heat after an emergency shutdown. It is unlikely that large nuclear plants will adopt dry cooling in the foreseeable future."

    Safe to say they won't be able to use dry cooling in Payette.

  2. Also check out

    Another lie in Gillispie's bio.

  3. Stay stuck in the 1800's Dude. There's a revolution coming baby and nuclear is it's name. Don is an innovative thinker and thats what it takes to be innovative man. Dry reactors, geothermal, harnessing lightning, AEHI will hold the riens of the earth and make her bow down and give it up in every way. It's going to be beautiful man.

  4. It appears someone has gotten into the Dude's stash...

  5. Whatever man! you don't even KNOW whats coming. The time for the naysayers is GONE. Its GONE man. Positive energy. Positive flow. Get it done so that we can stop harming the earth. We have to use her to save her. It's coming man. We're going to reap it. We're going to reap the whirlwind man.

  6. I thought drugs were illegal. I want to know where the Anonymous found the shit he is smoking!!

  7. Thats right bitch I am THE Anonymous. Learn it. Know it. Reap it.

  8. Harsh?? How about telling impoverished communities you are going to provide them jobs they desperately want and need when you have absolutely no way to make good those promises? THAT's fucking harsh. Using literary license to demonstrate how preposterous his claims are? FAR from harsh. Telling people you are helping them when they are pawns to be abandonde in a scheme to enrich yourself? HARSH?

  9. Hey, no problem. I'm a major AEHI critic. See my blog at We will take them down, don't worry! I just think at least we need to stick to the truth.

    In this case the end result is the same: A dry reactor can't be built in Payette so their claims about low water consumption are super deceptive.