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Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Friday, December 17, 2010

SEC: AEHI Manipulated Stock Price Through Misleading Public Statements

A great example of the way AEHI CEO Don Gillispie is alleged to have manipulate stock prices comes from the KTRV Fox-12 Newsroom.  Take it away, Dan Burgundy:

 Posted: May 14, 2009 8:14 PM MDT

Eagle, Idaho -- Growing concerns are coming from the company hoping to build a nuclear power plant in Elmore County that someone has been manipulating their stock prices.
They believe someone is stooping to new and illegal lows to derail the proposed plant from moving forward.
Since the idea was created to build a nuclear power plant on some farmland in Elmore County, employees at the Snake River Alliance have been on the offensive, hoping to stop Alternate Energy Holdings from being successful.
"AEHI has tried to twist Elmore County's comprehensive plain like a pretzel to make it seem like plopping a nuclear reactor in the middle of farmland is a good idea for the county," said Andrea Shipley, Snake River Alliance.
It's a war of words for the most part, and the Snake River Alliance isn't the only group involved, but now Don Gillespie at AEHI says someone is trying to stop the proposed plant by manipulating the stock market.

Gillespie says he's noticed strange downward spikes in AEHI stock on days when something like a press release would normally cause an increase.

"So we'd expect on those days people to buy because the stock was going to start lifting and right in the middle of that would be one of these crazy small sales. And it was almost a pattern that started occurring with our news. So we started watching and then we'd do the news. Our stock would start to lift and then we'd get one of these sales," said Gillespie.
Whoever's doing it is taking a hit financially, but they have caused the stock to drop by about 70 percent on some occasions, and Gillespie says he thinks he knows the culprit. That's after a few months ago, when he told someone that he was about to report the matter to the authorities.
"Low and behold it stopped for almost two months. And now it's picking back up again," said Gillespie.
He didn't report the issue back then, but now Gillespie says he has no choice.
"They've thrown a rock through our window in an old office that we had in Mountain Home, left nasty messages on my home recorder. I mean it's all kinds of little shenanigans, but now we're into more serious things, more law breaking," he said.

Here are some more examples of the fawning coverage AEHI got at KTRV, which now looks a little different in light of the SEC complaint:
April 2009: Rezoning For Nuclear Power Plant
June 2009: Nuclear Power Plant Funded
May 2010:Home May Pay Its Own Utility Bill

According to the SEC complaint filed yesterday, Don Gillispie knows exactly what the hell he's talking about when it comes to intentional stock manipulation:

According to the SEC, "Gillispie's scheme to manipulate the market is working."

Make that "was."

Back to you, Dan:
The Rest of KTRV and Dan Hamilton's fawning coverage of AEHI here.

And this little gem from AEHI's Press Release Factory:

Dec 04, 2009 11:51 ET 
Dynamic KTRV Fox 12 News Anchor to Join AEHI Team
  Bringing Nine Years of Knowledge on Current Issues to the Table, He Will Assist AEHI on Achieving Many Short and Long-Term Goals Already in Motion
BOISE, ID--(Marketwire - December 4, 2009) - Alternate Energy Holding, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: AEHI): Today proudly announces Dan Hamilton will be joining AEHI as of January 1, 2010. Mr. Hamilton will be in charge of handling the daily public relations functions including company spokesperson responsibilities as well as the ongoing endeavor of building a nuclear power plant in Payette County.
Hamilton became a well-respected and seasoned journalist and television news-anchor during his nine years tenure at Fox 12. In the past, Hamilton reported on and closely covered various media departments; including crime, state politics, even in sports, for example, the Boise State Bronco's sensational win over Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.
"I have full confidence in Dan's intelligence, skills and ability to get the job done," said Don Gillispie, AEHI Chairman and CEO. "Dan will be a welcome addition to our already seasoned and highly-effective team."
"He is a well-respected journalist who brings with him a wealth of knowledge on a variety of issues, including that of nuclear power," said Gillispie. "Dan has thoroughly studied the issue since we first announced our plans to build in Idaho, so it's easy to see how he will also be a great resource for those who want to learn more about what nuclear power can produce in terms of energy, revenue, and new jobs for Payette County, and by extension, the state of Idaho."


  1. Oops. Talk about a career terminating move. It will be even more interesting when the whole world finds out just how long Dan Hamilton has been helping Gillispie "under the table". I believe you will find it goes back even before but at the very least December 2007.

    Yes, Dan I think they call that Dirty Laundry! Good luck. Possibly you can get a job tamping fence posts somewhere after this?

  2. what AHEI has to offer to Idaho is great thing ... we lack jobs and here is a good man trying to help our economy yet people are so close minded i admire Don and his team