An unauthorized collection of the records of Alternate Energy Holdings, inc., its principals and subsidiaries, and their antics, trials, and tribulations

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

SEC AEHI Case: AEHI Files Memoranda, Affidavits, Asks For More Time on Homework

Downloaded from the PACER website, saved, and posted to Google Docs so you don't have to pay .08 per page to see them:

Defendant's Memorandum in Opposition (27 Pages)

Affidavit of Don Gillispie (46 pages!... same old windbag. Get to the Point, Don)

Affidavit of Jennifer Ransom

Affidavit of Rick Bucci 

Affidavit of Brian Webb

Affidavit of Pinnacle Shills Digest (how much did that cost?)

Affidavit of Some Guy Who Sold Them A House, and Probably Now Wishes He Hadn't

Oops, That Big Report That Was Due Today Still Isn't Done.  Can We Have More Time?

Summary of today's AEHI filings:  "Did Not!"

Request for tunes from a reader: A video of Fleetwood Mac touring AEHI's latest proposed "greenfield" site


  1. Is purgury a criminal act?

    Which is it Don?? Fault or no fault. Which sworn oath is correct? Which one is true? Which one is not?

  2. Dude, where are the tunes? After all of that reading I need some stress relief?!

  3. Once again, the Dude picks he perfect song!