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Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AEHI's Quarterly Report Late; Updates: Issues Puff Piece, Lost Homework Excuses In Lieu of Timely Report

According to the SEC's instructions for Form 10-Q, AEHI's latest quarterly report, for the period ending March 31, 2011, should have been filed on May 16th:
A quarterly report on this form pursuant to Rule 13a-13 or Rule 15d-13 shall be filed within the following period after the end of each of the first three fiscal quarters of each fiscal year, but no report need be filed for the fourth quarter of any fiscal year:
a. 40 days after the end of the fiscal quarter for large accelerated filers and accelerated filers (as defined in 17 CFR § 240.12b-2) ;and
b. 45 days after the end of the fiscal quarter for all other registrants.

Here we go again. 

Wasn't an agreement by AEHI and CEO Don Gillispie to comply with the securities laws part of the bargain by which they regained access to the cookie jar?

Update 7:30 AM:  While they're busy not preparing required reports to give investors the information they need to make intelligent decisions, the staff at AEHI's Interplanetary Headquarters apparently does have the time to create yet another of their bullshit-laden puff pieces in an attempt to help the sagging stock price:

AEHI Subsidiary, Green World Water(TM), Invited to Algeria with U.S.-Algeria Business Council

Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:AEHI; announced today that AEHI subsidiary Green World Water(TM) has been invited as one of just 30 companies to travel to Algeria to discuss potential partnerships with high-ranking government officials and international industrialists in Algiers and Oran. The trip is part of the U.S. Algeria Business Council, of which Green World Water has been a member since 2010.
Here we go again

And Again.

UPDATE 10:36 AM:  AEHI Just filed another "NT" late filing lame excuse form 10-Q:

They have time to try to pump sunshine up our asses, but they don't have time to fulfill their obligations to shareholders in a timely manner.  Just the thing everyone looks for in a competent CEO, don't you think?

Notification of inability to timely file Form 10-Q

State below in reasonable detail the reasons why Forms 10-K, 20-F, 11-K, 10-Q, 10-D, N-SAR, N-CSR or the transition report or portion thereof could not be filed within the prescribed time period.
The Registrant is unable to file the subject report in a timely manner because the Registrant was not able to timely compile the subject report without unreasonable effort or expense. The Registrant fully expects to be able to file within the additional time allowed by this report.
Let's break that down:

1.  The SEC requires the Registrant (AEHI) to state in reasonable detail the reason why the report could not be done on time.

2.  The Registrant's "reasonable detail" of the reason is this:
We couldn't file the report on time because we couldn't compile the report on time.
Is that reasonable detail?

Is this kind of shitty work product what one would expect of a CEO with "45 years of experience?"



  1. Amazing how many rules they break and are still allowed to operate.

  2. Any good board would fire the CEO's ass! Where is Donald?!!