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Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie

Former AEHI CEO Don Gillispie
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Birds of a Feather, Part III: Meet ACHD Director Bruce Wong- AEHI Stockholder, Cheerleader, and Former "Military Consultant"

Hitting the news recently is Ada County Highway District's appointment of Bruce Wong as Director.
From the Boise Weekly article:

"Wong’s resume may boast a corny promise to drive a “culture of winning,” but he has a long list of accomplishments.  ... He served as military consultant for the Idaho Energy Complex..."

Whoa there.  Consulting our chart of companies, we see that "Idaho Energy Complex" is actually just another name for Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc., as a 100% owned subsidiary.  Maybe being affiliated with AEHI wasn't as popular on December 17th as it was on December 13th?

Another quote, from the BW article:

“I will give you all 100 percent every day, guaranteed. I have no second agenda. I have no third agenda—I never have, I never will,” said Wong.

Hmm"The [retired Col.] doth protest too much, methinks" (apologies to Bill S.)

According to the 10-12G filed by AEHI October 8th, 2008, we see Mr. Wong listed no less than nine times as recipient of AEHI shares:
Wong, Bruce C.    40,000    $0.10     $4,000.00     12/21/2007
Wong, Bruce S.    32,000    $0.20     $6,400.00       11/5/2007
Wong, Bruce S.    40,000    $0.10     $4,000.00       1/22/2008
Wong, Bruce S.    20,000    $0.10     $2,000.00       2/28/2008
Wong, Bruce S.    20,000    $0.10     $2,000.00       3/21/2008
Wong, Bruce S.    20,000    $0.10     $2,000.00       4/24/2008
Wong, Bruce S.    20,000    $0.10     $2,000.00       5/19/2008
Wong, Bruce S.    20,000    $0.10     $2,000.00       6/23/2008
Wong, Bruce S.  250,000    $0.10     $25,000.00     7/16/2008

That's 462,000 shares of Alternate Energy Holdings, which on December 13th was worth just over a quarter million dollars.  That was his ownership position on October 8th, 2008, though.  It may be less, or it may be more by now. 

Recently, Wong went to bat for Don Gillispie and Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. with Payette County, submitting these letters, in one of which he offers his "...opinion as a stock holder in the company..." and in the other refers to his "...unquestionable support for both AEHI and their nuclear power plant initiative...," (links are to the .pdf documents on the Payette County P and Z document site, multiple pages in length)(click on the images below to enlarge):

He also testified at the December 2nd Payette Planning and Zoning Hearing on behalf of Don Gillispie and AEHI.   With a substantial amount of shares at stake, that sure sounds like an "agenda", doesn't it?

Most recently, he and his one time employer Don Gillispie were at the Operation Warmheart event in Nampa:
From the KTRV video coverage:

Here's Mr. Wong introducing the event:
and below, in the second row, is that famous combover atop the head of none other than AEHI CEO Don Gillispie: (that also might be the mop of one Dan Hamilton on Don's left, as well)

And here's a picture of Five-Finger Don trying to schmooze it up with the Air Force, two days before they would discover he's in a heap of trouble: (photo from AF website here)

Stay tuned for more of Wong's "unquestionable support for AEHI" later.


  1. It's looking like ACHD needs to put another ad on Craig's List.

  2. Wong is the wrong way to go for Idaho.

    Wong has been tied up with these guys since 2007 for sure and possibly longer. His supposed motto of "ride hard, shoot strait, and always tell the truth" simply is a slogan and means nothing to this guy.

  3. How did Wong position himself to get the ACHD job in the first place? Taking a quick look at the ACHD website and reviewing the bios of the ACHD Commissioners, I see that Sherry Huber works in the power generation industry, developing locations for future plants....hmmmm. I wonder if there is a link between Huber and Gillespie? Birds of a feather fly together.....

  4. Bruce - ride hard, shoot straight, always speak the truth - Wong. I had a post planned on his slogan itself... Have you seen Martin Johcox solicitated for written testimony, where he offers to write the letter for shareholders?

    Can't find it now but I have a local copy somewhere.

  5. It's not even his own motto, it's the motto of the wing at Mtn Home Air Force Base, where he was a commander once. His resume on linkedin is pretty thin other than 28 years in the Air Force.

  6. Bruce Wong has been deeply involved with AEHI in many ways over the last 3+ years since 2007. And appears to have personal ties to both Donald Gillispie and Jennifer Ransom. It would not surprise me if he was even on some of those "Cruses" the SEC mentioned. He has promoted AEHI in all three counties where AEHI has defrauded thousands of Idaho people.

    He has used his influence and title of USAF Colonel (Retired) and "Former Wing Commander" at Mountain Home AFB to shamelessly enrich himself while promoting AEHI. Wong sounds like he learned his tactics from Duke Cunningham now serving time in federal prison for influence peddling.

    Bruce Wong has promoted AEHI and its stock at every turn in both Elmore and Payette County and appeared on at least two separate videos that AEHI produced to sell their project. He was the recipient of tens of thousands of shares of AEHI stock (and likely cash as well), and who knows what other favors from Don and Jenny.

    Bruce Wong also improperly used his connections with Mountain Home Air Force base to get Gillispie appointed as "Honorary Wing Commander". It is sad to see such an honor bestowed on the likes of Donald Gillispie through such despicable promotional tactics by Bruce Wong. It quite simply dishonors all of our Veterans.

    Bruce Wong has worked very closely with Martin Johncox of Alexander & Associates who wrote almost all of the shamelessly fraudulent news releases. Martin Johncox, in true cowardice form, now claims to have just been an innocent victim. I expect Wong to exhibit the same cowardice since Johncox and Wong worked very closely together to promote AEHI.

    Even if one accepts Wong's cowardly protestations that he was merely an innocent dupe, one must question his absolute lack of judgement to prostitute himself for AEHI stock and money. It is likely before the SEC investigation is over it will show that Wong was much more involved than is public knowledge. He may also be a target of the criminal complaint that is surely on its way.

    One can only imagine how Wong will abuse his new influence as head of ACHD with control over many millions of dollars worth of contracts at tax payer expense. This appointment should not be allowed to stand. This may well be the biggest mistake in ACHD history.

    Wong is not the type of fellow who should head ACHD.

    Birds of a feather indeed, good luck ACHD and Ada County!